April 30th – May 13th 2018. The Forum Norwich.

Seeing Things is an informative, interactive exhibition of artwork inspired by and aiming to raise awareness of Charles Bonnet (pronounced ‘Bonnay’) Syndrome. Open to the public from the 30th of April 2018 in The Forum Gallery, Norwich, for a duration of two weeks.


What is Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)? Put very simply, a form of visual hallucination brought on following sight loss – a syndrome experienced by many visually impaired people. The Norfolk & Norwich Association for the Blind (NNAB) have collaborated with Charles Bonnet ‘sufferers’ and visual artists from the region to interpret and explore what happens when someone experiences CBS. From beautiful patterns and geometry to incongruous shapes, bizarre forms and frightening apparitions, CBS hallucinations take any visual form the brain can imagine.

CBS is relatively common amongst the sight-loss community, however many sufferers experience it in isolation – often through fear of being judged. The exhibition aims to raise awareness, educate and create discussion through the artists’ interpretations of genuine hallucinations, highlighting CBS sufferers’ stories whilst also providing practical information and support for those who may wish to talk about CBS further.

For further information regarding this project please get in touch using the contact form here or by calling the NNAB on 01603 629 558 and asking for Gemma Baldwin.


This exhibition was made possible thanks to: